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Welcome to the Cartoon factory I’m the humble owner Dr. Awesome the Wizard, and This is the center where I conjure up Blogs which are mostly updates on my projects

First Blog

The Comics Page will be updated with links to the story sometime later in the week so be on the lookout for that.

secondly, for Fanart, I’m going to behave added every Friday for the time being that is incased I forget that I finished a piece

Website Under Redevelopment

I’m proud to announce this website is under redevelopment to take the look of a more professional portfolio website. Huge amount of apologies for forgetting about the fact that I had a website to begin with, as well as taking real care of it over two years.

A Special and Gigantic thank you

The Pandemic has been a huge journey for me in terms of self-confidence and integrity, and really help shape a positive image. Anyway, back in September of 2020, I was domestically assaulted by my own father over an incident that for personal reasons I will continue to keep secret. I would like to give thanks to my family, my discord friends, my counselor, and various other communities including the voiceover, artist, and coaster communities.

Easily the biggest person I will give thanks to is my mother along with stepfather, who were, and still are the biggest people I can count on to always be there for me even during the beginning of this whole life-changing event. To everyone who is a part of the Wizardverse bugle, you have all been incredible and supportive people to me, I’m incredibly fortunate to have you all as friends.

For the voiceover community, my heart goes out to some of the nicest people I have gotten the privilege to meet: Cherami Leigh, Keith Silverstein, Steve Blum, Michelle Ruff, Kira Buckland, Melissa Fahn, Beau Billingslea, Wendee Lee, Brianna Knickerbocker, and Jackie Lastra, as well as those I haven’t met virtually but still interacted with including Erika Harlacher, Lucien Dodge, Billy Kametz, and Lauren Landa. But the biggest person in the community I would have to give thanks to is Vic Mignogna (regardless of whoever is reading this feels about him) his message on treating everyone even those who’ve wronged you with kindness and the utmost respect, is what inspired me to write this statement and those are the words that helped me with how I handled the situation with my Dad.