About Me!

I am an artist dabbling in all sorts of artwork from Pencil Drawings to Sculpture art, but I am mostly known for a lot of fan art with a majority of artwork being fan art. My artistic journey began back in 2005 but didn’t start to pick up until 2012 when I fell in love with the artwork seen in Comic Books, Anime, and Animation. It wouldn’t be until early 2018 I started doing digital fan art and sharing it on my Tumblr for two years before moving it to Instagram. My artwork in general is based on my interests, as I think it feels the most relatable in terms of tone and energy.

My influence during the change was the art style of  Bruce Timm, one of the creators of the “DCAU” using the method of straights against curves. The purpose I have established for my portfolio is a showcase of all the work I have done over the years with a majority of them being done digitally in Clip Studios, using a digital tablet, while some of my other artwork is done traditionally in a way similar to a comic book starting with a pencil rough, then a cleaner pencil sketch, follow it up with some inking, then add the colors and highlighting. 

Overall, the thing my artwork has taught me over the years is that it is always a learning adventure as sometimes you may know what you want to do with it while other times you may not have a single clue in what you want to do with it. For me anyway, I am still always learning/ interested to learn new tricks and tips to make my artwork better as time goes on.

584 COUNTY ROAD 2731
London, Arkansas 72847

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